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FFOX Heaven and Earth Purple Rain

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The Arturo Fuente Aged Selection FFOX Heaven and Earth Purple Rain cigar has got nothing to do with the song, according to the Fuente company. Instead, these OpusX Purple Rain cigars are an ode to the family’s most treasured tobacco. Hand-selected from the vaults of a grower famous for extensive aging, the leaves used in this blend are among the finest available.

OpusX has been a sensation for decades, ever since Cigar Aficionado first blessed it in 2005 as Cigar of the Year. The magazine was just getting off the ground then, and the fame boost it gave to OpusX and the Fuente brand as a whole is incalculable. A cult hit ever since OpusX always flies off the shelf. As a result, many limited edition blends have been made using its irresistibly rich Dominican formula. Notably, it was a cigar that pioneered the use of Dominican leaf as a wrapper at a time when it was thought unseemly to do so.

The fields of Chateau Fuente and those who farm them were, and still are, on another level.

It can get confusing to work through all the OpusX special editions, but this is from the exclusive “Heaven and Earth” series, which includes Scorpio, BBMF, Tauros the Bull, and Rare Black. The thing tying each of these blends together seems to be the use of exquisitely aged leaf that is selected from the family’s most prized stores for use in very limited runs. They are usually created semi-annually by the company’s most skilled rollers whose hands touch nothing but OpusX.

Of all the blends in the series, the Arturo Fuente Aged Selection FFOX Heaven and Earth Purple Rain cigar seems closest to the special soil of the family’s farms. The taste of roasted coffee bean is certainly in the mix, as is salted jerky, but it’s the rich earthy note that really marks this one as a special kind of OpusX. The wrapper is incredibly dark – a sign of a deeply fermented leaf that has traded sharp potency for mature and complex flavor.

Arturo Fuente Aged Selection FFOX Heaven and Earth Purple Rain cigars, if you buy a box, are delivered in a gorgeous macassar ebony veneer container. Made by Prometheus, the box is a work of art prepared by French artisans and master craftsmen. The grain is quite striking, making this blend a special gift for a special occasion. Whether your recipient is a confirmed Fuente fan or not, these super rare premium blends with a unique torpedo shape would likely be a delight to get for any cigar lover.

Don’t forget to beg them to share after!

(Please note that a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the Arturo Fuente Aged Selection FFOX Heaven and Earth Purple Rain is donated to the Cigar Family Charitable Foundation, which strives to improve lives of children in need in the Bonao region of the Dominican Republic.)

- What are the flavors like? Roasted coffee bean, salted jerky, rich soil.

- What’s the strength level? Full.

- Who is this cigar for? Arturo Fuente Aged Selection FFOX Heaven and Earth Purple Rain cigars are for certified aficionados only.

- Will I want to smoke it to the nub? You’ll be in Heaven on Earth.

- What’s a good pairing with it? Whiskey, preferably a scotch with a hint of sweetness like Talisker 10 Year.

- What’s the best time/place to smoke this cigar? Special occasions, or a purple rainy day when you’re in a mood to ruminate.

- Any flaws/downsides? Are we allowed to say “cost?”


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