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Arturo Fuente Hemingway Between The Lines

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This Arturo Fuente Hemingway Between The Lines cigar is made in the Dominican Republic. Outside, you'll find a Cameroon wrapper. Inside, the binder is Dominican, and the filler is Dominican. This is a Perfecto cigar with a length of 4.20 and a ring gauge of 46.

The Fuente Hemingway Between the Lines cigar is a fun take on a fantastic blend that has been tearing up the “best of” charts for years. No one is immune from the barber pole craze – not even the legendary blenders of Arturo Fuente, who are among the few companies that set the standard for sophistication and flavor in this industry.

Even THEY like to play around now and then.

This blend offers the same core formula that has made the core Hemingway line so popular: aged Dominican long-filler with a genuine Cameroon wrapper. Spicy, woody, and always interesting, the Hemingway has carved out a place in humidors around the world. Here, with the inclusion of a swirl of Connecticut broadleaf Maduro right down the wrapper, we get an even more nuanced flavor, with a beautiful earthy and sweet dimension added to it. This chocolatey leaf isn’t a huge percentage of the blend. Instead, it’s just enough to add a subtle note in the background while making the cigar 100% more fun to smoke.

Cigar Aficionado gave the Fuente Hemingway Between the Lines cigar 90 points, putting it just into the upper echelon of cigars. The original got a rating of 94, so think of this as the entertaining but less serious sibling. The judges described it as “a woody, herbal smoke that picks up notes of nutmeg and baking spices before a mellow finish of slivered almond.” That baking spice really is one of the signature notes of this whole line of cigars and provides enough intrigue to be worthy of the Hemingway name. Hemingway himself was a famous cigar lover. Living in Cuba for decades, it was pretty much unavoidable.

The last thing to note is the shape. The Fuente Hemingway Between the Lines cigar is a 4.25 x 46 perfecto. This short, tapered format is a classic, and Fuente revived it decades ago to “bring back that old world style, just to keep the art, the tradition, the craft, alive.”

In this cigar, we also keep the spirit of Hemingway alive. Therefore, it’s just the right kind of cigar to smoke setting out to sea, getting wrecked at an outdoor bar in Florida, or when you’re behind the wheel of a Jeep in search of off-road adventure. Don’t let live wrestle you to the ground. Fight back and show the world what you’re made of.

Please browse our selection of Fuente Hemingway Between the Lines cigars at your leisure.

- What are the flavors like? Wood, herbs, baking spice, almond.

- What’s the strength level? Medium-full.

- Who is this cigar for? Fuente Hemingway Between the Lines cigars are for people who want an interesting blend with a conversation-starting wrapper.

- Will I want to smoke it to the nub? If you like intriguing flavors.

- What’s a good pairing with it? A copious amount of drinks of your choice. Daiquiris in Florida or mojitos in Cuba, if you want to be historically accurate.

- What’s the best time/place to smoke this cigar? When you hear the sea calling.

- Any flaws/downsides? Cameroon always strikes us as a wrapper that not everyone will love. It’s a bit of an acquired taste. This cigar is one of the best ways to acquire that taste, though.

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