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Drew Estate Liga Privada T52 Belicoso

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If you want to make an astounding cigar like the Drew Estate Liga Privada T52, the ingredients you need aren't just going to fall in your lap. Unless you're the boys of Drew Estate... in which case that's exactly what will happen! As the story goes, they were up in Connecticut to buy some CT broadleaf when a farmer showed them a unique-looking "stalk cut" tobacco. He called it "American habano." As luck would have it, this leaf fit the profile of the exact color and thickness the Drew Estate team had been looking for. It was a dark, reddish brown and somehow, they just knew this was the right leaf.

But the farmer wouldn't just sell it to them.

For some leaves, farmers can go on year after year growing their crop, knowing that buyers will be there. But for more unique plants, they need a commitment over a period of years, or it's simply not worth the expense, effort, and risk to raise a special crop. The Drew Estate guys bought in, and the results were every bit as special as they had hoped. Two full years of production later, we've got the Liga Privada T52. On the outside, it's dark red and brown, with plenty of oil. On the inside, there's a delectable blend of seven varieties of tobacco. It's bold, complex, full-bodied, and offers tons of flavor notes, including earth, spice, and pepper. Production is super limited, so snatch up this ultra rare must-smoke while you can!

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