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Foundation The Upsetters Django

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Django, the 5x54 cigar with a Sumatra wrapper, is part of the Foundation's Upsetters line, known for its unique Caribbean-infused herbal blend that incorporates Nicaraguan filler and Jamaican cow tongue tobacco. While the exact flavoring techniques remain a secret, it's evident that Nick Melillo's experience at Drew Estate, known for ACID cigars infused with essential oils and botanicals, played a role. This cigar offers rich Nicaraguan tobacco with hints of honey, clove, and spice, appealing to those looking for a distinctive smoking experience. The name Django pays homage to Bass Reeves, a former slave who became a legendary deputy U.S. Marshal in the dangerous Indian Territory, capturing over 3000 outlaws and surviving to old age, making it a fitting choice for these cigars, dedicated to those who challenge injustice.

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