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Gurkha Special Release His Majestys Reserve

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This Gurkha Special Release His Majesty's Reserve cigar is made in Dominican Republic. Outside, you'll find a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper. Inside, the binder is Dominican, and the filler is Dominican. This is a Churchill cigar with a length of 7.50 and a ring gauge of 52.

You know how Gurkha has a reputation for outlandish, attention-grabbing products with crazy costs? Cigars like His Majesty's Reserve (aka the ""HMR"" cigar) are the reason why. Check out the price tag before you buy though. No, that's not the box price that's for one stick.

We know, it's ridiculous. But it's in Gurkha's DNA.

Back when the company was just purchased, it was a humble brand. In fact, Gurkha owner Kaizad Hansotia bought it on a whim when he came across what we imagine was perhaps a cigar hand rolling shack on a beach in Goa, India. It cost him $149 to become the owner of the Gurkha cigar empire

When he sobered up, he decided to put the stock of cigars to use, sending it through his family's duty free shop distribution business. Because his clientele was wealthy international travelers, Gurkha carved out a groove as a premium cigar supplier. One of these was the Grand Reserve, a Cognac-infused smoke that helped the company establish a reputation for indulgent luxury.

But as with all things for the rich, some is never enough. Gurkha had to go bigger, so now many years later we have the His Majesty's Reserve cigar, which is one of the most expensive production cigars in the world.

It starts with the hickory brown 15-year-aged Connecticut Maduro wrapper. This select leaf is then rolled around a rich 12-year-aged Dominican binder and filler blend. After that, the magic happens. The Gurkha His Majesty's Reserve cigar is infused with Louis XIII Cognac. The process is proprietary, so we're not sure how it's done. We're reasonably sure it isn't dipped or injected, but we know that the result is a cigar with the potent aroma of exquisite cognac. You'd probably recognize the bottle if you saw it's a fat lozenge shape studded with glass knobs along its shoulders, and it contains some very fine brandy indeed.

Less than a hundred boxes are made each year, and we have to image that there are few purchasers who can even afford the five-figure price tag. We'd actually love to hear more about the people or companies who buy these and what they do with them. It would make an awesome video series if Gurkha were interested in tracking the boxes.

If you manage to get a hold of one, it comes in a glass tube. Pull off the wax cap and you'll immediately be enveloped by the aroma of Louis XIII Cognac (from Remy Martin). It would almost seem like a shame to light it up, but cigars are made for smoking. It's seven and a half inches of pure extravagance and pleasure.

Here's to you, Your Majesty.

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